Garnier- Ultimate Blends Conditioner

This has to be one of my all time favourite conditioners due to the fact it makes the colour of my hair stand out and shine. It also makes my hair smell amazing with its Cranberry extracts and it makes it super soft and easy to style. I am loving how shiny and glossy my hair looks at the moment since using this conditioner. I love to get my hair dyed from the age of 15 I have dyed my hair many colours from red, purple to really dark brown, almost black hair. Recently I have made a huge effort to let it wash out naturally and to just leave it alone. I have been tempted to buy a bottle of hair dye and go back dark brown but my hair has been so much healthier and shiny since letting my natural hair colour shine through. I am wanting to go a caramel colour in the next couple weeks. Caramel will sit better with my blonde roots and not be as harsh as they were when I had dark hair. 

I love the smell of this product, anything cranberry, strawberry, raspberry is a must for me. What I love the most though is that this product has argon oil in it which helps to look after my hair whilst using my everyday conditioner. I am not a huge fan of using conditioner due to my hair being so straight and hard to style but this one works a treat. I recently saw a tweet on Twitter about reverse hair washing and thought that I would give it a go. I can say that its not a crazy thing to do, it actually works and very well I must add. My hair is more bouncy and fluffy, which is a great thing for me with hair that can look weak and limp due to it loving to be straight at all times. go one and try using your conditioner first, I am loving it at the moment!

If you want to look after coloured hair give this conditioner a whirl, also now that its on offer for just £1.94. You might as well try it at that price. You get 400ml for this price and it will last me a very long time. Even if I go to another conditioner to try this one will sit firmly in my bathroom, its a great product. I use this around three times a week and my hair feels great, this is a great product that I highly recommend you try if you colour your hair and want it to look great.

Have you tried this product?

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Topshop Wish List For A Summer Style Update!

I love to do wish lists due to the fact I cannot buy anything at the moment whilst paying all my money towards my car but its fun to have a look at whats in at the shops right now. I love dresses like these, Topshop always have something I love on the website which makes it harder not to buy stuff. I love the large check pattern on the top and the smaller pattern on the bottom. I would love to pair this beautiful Summer dress with a big felt floppy hat. I love how Binky wore one last night in MIC first episode back on our screens. She is just perfection, I am loving that Lucy Watson is wearing things from Boohoo. 

These cute geek shoes from Topshop would bring a little sunshine into the outfit which is great. I am on the hunt for some cute Summer shoes and I think that these fit that perfectly. I'm not a 100% on the hand bag but I think its so cute, it reminds me of a bag I would have had when I was younger in the 90's. I love the clear and hot pink contrast. It works well and on holiday it would make a huge statement.

There is so much I want to purchase lately, my wardrobe looks horrendous. There is not one thing that I love to wear and if I do love it I've worn it 100 times. I recently moved home and started putting my clothes away and thought that it needs a whole new clear out. I really hope to be able to go on a good shopping spree soon!

Would you buy any of these things on my wish list?

5 Tips: Moving Out For The First Time!

Recently I noticed that I have moved house more times than I could count on both hands. I moved to England when I was 15 from South Africa which meant moving our whole life and belonging with us. We decided to start afresh with most things and only bring the essentials, we still managed to bring 18 suitcases though between 4 of us. I hated having to give away all my things but at the end of the day it was just things and we got to start afresh in a new school, place, home and now I have a degree in photography that I defiantly would not have if we decided to stay. So moving this much has had a huge impact on my life, negative maybe but I see it as a positive. Here are a few of my own tips to help you when you decide to move house, go to university away from home or even sharing a house with friends. 

  1. Clear out all the junk that you know you don't need because you have gone for years without realising you have it stored away in your cupboard or under your bed. Start your new space with a positive vibe by not bringing all your junk with you to just place it in a different room.
  2. house sharing? Make sure you are willing to share out chores, clean up after yourself, save electric and make it a happy home for all living with you. House rules are essential to keep everyone happy by knowing what you need to do to help the house.
  3. You definitely need to realise when you are a student that there may not be a lot of money available after bills. Try budget every week to feed yourself and keep yourself out of huge amounts of over drafts. I did it and regret having a over draft when finishing university. You defiantly have a fun time at university, i really enjoyed my time at uni. Learn to budget and it can help to smooth out all those house bills and leave you with some extra for food rather than plan old pasta every night.
  4. cut down on boxes by using washing baskets and any storage you can find. Clean your house before you move in if you can because that creates extra stress on the day of the move. Roll your clothes into tight rolls to save on space to pack in more of your wardrobe. Take photos of your new room before you add any of your stuff into it, any damage take photos of it too in case you get blamed and loose your deposit.
  5. Budget on what you spend on food, clothes, home ware and other things otherwise until you have your own space you don't realise how much things cost. Food is expensive so plan meals for as many nights as you can and don't let food go to waste. make shopping lists and try stick to them. Keep a calendar and make chores for yourself, keeping your space clean will make you feel better about your own room/home. 
Are you planning on moving soon?