August Favourites: Everyday make Up change Up!

 Revlon Colorstay Liquid eye Pen £6.99
MeMeMe Cheek and Lip Tint £5.50*
My everyday make up.

During the month of August I used a lot of the same products so I decided to pick one that truly stood out to me and that was this Revlon liquid eye pen. I tend to stick to this look for my everyday make up. I change up my foundation, mascara often but recently I have been using a liquid eye liner from Rimmel for years which is the glam eyes liquid eyeliner. I decided to change it up in August to find one that's not as shiny and runny. 

This eye pen has become a staple in my make up bag, which I want to be able to repurchase soon so that I know I have a spare one. This eye pen glides onto the eye lid smoothly without hassle, very precise to create thin or thick lines. I really enjoy using this product, its easy to use which is a bonus because I am still learning how to do the perfect flick. Even my boyfriend noticed I had changed up my liquid eye liner and commented that it looked very neat. I am pleased that this eye pen is so easy to use to draw thin or thick lines, I love to draw the flick first then I join the rest up slowly. 

This eye pen glides over eye shadow really well, there is no mess when applying it either. I love how it stays on my eyes all day without budging. I love that the eye pen is the blackest back which I love, This liquid eye liner lasts up to 16 hours, I have worn this all day to work which is around 8 hours but even when I wear it longer it stays on well. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a new liquid eye liner, its precise and looks great on. I love this product and I would repurchase this without a second thought. 

The MeMeMe Coral Blossom lip and cheek tint has been firmly in my beauty favourites in August too. I use this on my cheek bones along with a powder blusher but this  cheek tint has changed up my beauty this month. I love how it gives my cheeks a lovely glow to them with a beautiful coral pink colour. This has been a new favourite to use for my everyday make up, just a small amount creates a lovely glow to the cheek. I love that you can use this on your lips too, it creates a lovely gloss. 

Have you tried this product?

Beauty blogging on a budget.

Running a beauty blog, you may see as very expensive right? It can be if you buy products every week just to run your blog. You don't have to do this, what i do is re use all my products in photographs and try come up with different blog post ideas such as get ready with me, pamper products or products of the week. I thought I would share with you my tips on blogging on a budget, I cant go out and buy a lot of products myself. Being on a budget myself i thought I could share some tips to help you. Let me know if they help you in the comments below. 

Wish Lists: I really enjoy making wish lists on a Wednesday, it keeps my card safe in my purse. You know why, I think it makes me take time out to decide I really don't need them at that time. Sometimes I find that they make it worse to try not to spend but most of the time i just enjoy making the wish lists. I wish I could have a draw full like Zoella (dream collection) but once you are able to go out and buy a few treats it feels great.

favourites: My all time favourite videos/ blog posts to read or watch. I love to see what everyone has been loving during the year. I love to make monthly Favourite posts myself, its great to share with everyone what you found to be worthy of the title monthly favourites. As we decide on what makes the cut, it must mean we truly love the products.  

Tutorials: there is nothing better than seeing a beauty products final results, I love to see swatches and make up looks. I enjoy doing them myself, I want to do more which I will do this week. I think its a great idea for a blog post to use what you already have and create a beautiful look to show your readers. I love to see the products being used, it gives you a better idea about how it works. They are fun posts to do and for me it improves my make up skills.

Get Ready With Me: I love watching Youtubers doing get ready with me videos. why not try this on your blog, take photos of the products you used and the final look with your outfit. This saves money and you get to have fun with what you already have in your wardrobe and make up bag.

guest Posting: Just like Youtubers, collaborating is a fun idea. You can share your blog with a wider audience and you get to know more bloggers this way. I have done some guest posting and I have really enjoyed it. I let other bloggers guest post on my blog which helps the weekly blog posts flow. I love to see what other bloggers can add to my blog, I enjoy working with others. It keeps your mind flowing with some great ideas.

Advice: Why not share with others something you are passionate about, advice on something you know you would have loved when you started blogging. I recently did a post about a drug store make up starter kit. It was fun to put together something I know would have helped me when I was 15. Oh I wish I had blogs to read when I was younger. Its a fun way to help others and it breaks up your blog posts from reviews. helps you to stay feeling creative, I enjoy reading advice and DIY posts.

research: Why not raid your friends make up and blog about what they love. Share the blogs that you love and maybe do some questionnaires to get to know more bloggers. I love finding new blogs to read, there is always room for more. share some love, the blogging community is so nice! 

Let me know your advice on blogging on a budget!

Bank Holiday, Happiest dog and Doughnuts!

On bank holiday Monday myself and Rob took our pooch for a day out, to a dog show. Last year we went to a similar one but this one was closer to home this year so decided to go and have a cold bank holiday day out. We put on our winter coats on and braved the dull windy weather. It was lovely to see our friends there too with their gorgeous pup Pennie. We decided to enter some fun dog show competitions. Pennie came second in the category Best condition and Bella came third in the Happiest dog category. Bella always has a huge smile on her face which I call her cheeky grin. I purchased some biscuits from the greyhound stall which also goes to a good cause. Bella enjoyed her heart shaped oat biscuits. 

I love doing a post like this on a Sunday, I want to be able to store some amazing memories on here to share with you. A small snippet into my life, I hope you enjoy reading them. I want to start vlogging and YouTube once I have my own house, so keep an eye out for that near Christmas... 

This is how I love to spend my days off, my dog, Rob and amazing friends. It was a cold, windy day but that never stops us from having fun with our dogs. I love Autumn walks with my wellies and warm coat. I went for a laid back approach to my outfit which involved Vans, the best comfy footwear in my opinion. This was a lovely bank holiday and we now have two 3rd place rosettes, last year Bella came third in the sausage catching challenge. 

What did you do on the bank Holiday?