My Top Body Scrub products

The Body Shop: I am a big fan of shopping in the Body Shop, the products smell heavenly and you know you will enjoying using them. They smell almost edible, the Raspberry one in this collection looks like jam. It helps to remove dead skin cells and creates a softer, smoother finish. I love to use this every time I bath or shower. It won't last very long due to me wanting to over use it  and then I will have to re purchase it, it honestly is incredible. It feels gentle on the skin but it does the job, its perfect to use just before you apply your fake tan to create a smooth base to work on. My tan came out smoother and looking very natural with the help of this beauty of a product. I love the texture of this one it is gentle on the skin yet works wonders, it feels like you are rubbing jam onto your skin. 

The second body scrub from the Body Shop smells gorgeous, its the most gentle one too. I love how it smells and how soft it feels on the skin, almost like you are using a body cream in the bath. I love the apricot smell and it feels nourishing on the skin. Both work wonders yet are so different, this is what I told myself when buying two at the same time but it turns out its true. 

Soap & Glory: My go to pamper night brand, they never let me down when it comes to there products. My first body scrub I purchased whilst running my blog and it has had a firm place in my beauty draw. I love this product, from the smell to the quality everything is perfect with it. If you are not sure on what drug store body scrub to buy I highly recommend this one, I always use it before applying my fake tan. It leaves my skin feeling clean, exfoliated and a great base for my tan. I find that my tan sits well on my skin and looks a lot more even after using this in the bath. This is truly my go to pamper night product, I have reached for this product for many years.

& Other Stories: This luscious scent leaves the skin super polished and smelling perfect. I purchased this when I was in London for the weekend as a treat, it was in the sale too which is a bonus. This product certainly brought me back to life after a long train home, the smell left my skin feeling great and smelling great. How to use this product, all you have to do is smooth over damp skin, rub it in and wash off. 

Delicate jasmine petals and lightly sprinkle brown sugar. I love how in the light this product sparkles, its a great looking product. You can smell the twist of lime juice in the scent which brings it to life, perfect for the summer months to get the perfect base to apply fake tan. I love to use this product on nights that I want to pamper myself, its one of those products you want to keep forever. Its a great little addiction to my body scrub collection, I have so many that I love to use. This one is one of the best body scrubs I have ever used, I may need to go online to purchase more. I love the sugar texture to this one, it really works on the skin, lathering up to a brown foam that feels nourishing. I think this product is a real winner when it comes to body scrubs.

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What body scrubs do you love?

My Relationship with Beauty- From The age of 15


Recently I have noticed that I take time to browse the beauty counters rather than jump right in to buy everything. We all would love to be able to try all the latest must have beauty products but with a budget that's not realistic enough. I wanted to share with you how my relationship with beauty has changed from the age of 15. 

I have always been into magazines, beauty and talking to my friends about girly stuff at sleep overs. We used to paint our nails and watch super girly films whilst reading the latest edition of Seventeen. I grew up in South Africa so it took me a while to adjust to high school in England, all of a sudden I was under pressure to have the latest name brand item and to wear my hair in a certain way. I know how tough school can be but we all should embrace what we love, it took me years to get to the point to say this to myself. I think my turning point was college I finally could figure out what it was I loved and not what was popular at the time. 

Make up: I know that my relationship with make up has changed drastically. when I was in College I used to work part time and when I got my wages at the end of the week it would all go on clothes and make up. This went on for years, I ended up with so many beauty items that would sit in my draw and never see day light. Now I work out what I need first of all and what items would benefit me, I want to be able to use the items up. There are a few items I keep safe and only use for special events but these are products I have saved up to purchase. I browse the beauty counters now and look at everything, I make sure that when I try the latest product that it suits me or something that I know I would use. I always blog about items I truly love and items that I buy that I know I would use. I still buy items I think dam that was a waste but its very rare this happens. I go into Boots knowing the latest products and come out with enough to know I haven't over done it. I wish I could just go for it and create an impressive amount of beauty products but what I have I use up and treasure. I find that I truly enjoy every product I buy now and appreciate every use. Any one else feel the same about beauty products?

Hair Care: I must admit I used to buy all sorts of hair care products when I was around 18. Nothing that I could set a routine with. I never thought this would benefit my coloured hair or this will help for dry hair. I would pick anything that sounded nice to try that week, I must admit my hair care is now set to what my hair needs. I dye my hair so I make sure I have keratin in my shampoo, since knowing more about what my hair needs it helps to keep it in top condition. I am picky when it comes to buying hair products now, I go for things that will benefit a routine. I love to try out new hair care products and I never stay with the same, its fun to change it around sometimes. Recently though there have been a couple brands that I am really enjoying and have repurchased the same again.

I think with my make up I want it to benefit my skin tone, my hair colour and all this comes in to consideration. I have learnt how certain colours suit me and what I truly love. I find that even though beauty has always been a huge passion for me I truly enjoy it more now. I am so pleased I have my blog to share the products I love with you. It helps me to truly analyse how I feel about each product and to see how much it benefits me buying it. I adore trying out new products and being more adventurous with it. I keep all my products safe in draws and I take care in when I use them and how much I use, when I truly love a product I use it on pamper nights. I'm not sure if anyone else feels the same about beauty but please let me know if you do. 

I am obsessed with beauty products but I think in a more fun, healthy way now. I used to spend money on anything and everything in Boots without truly knowing what was needed and what would suit me. I think a big splurge on beauty products is a must but not all the time, its more special now when I can go in and buy a couple more items to add to my collection. 

I get excited about creating content on my blog and I want it to benefit me and you. I want to show you products I truly love and items I would buy. beauty is a huge part of my life and always has been but I find I have a great balance about it now. I can be as creative as I possibly can with my blog too which is a huge bonus when it comes to a topic I adore.

I think finding out what truly suits you as a person is the fun part about beauty, its not all about buying every single new release. You can create content with things you own and don't feel pressured to keep spending. I always have in mind the quality of the items rather than the quantity of items, I don't want products in my draws that I will never use. I think if you find a couple brands you truly trust, stick with them and every now and then if you see something that is new and will help you go for it. Beauty is about having fun, never feel like every new release will suit you.

When there is a new hyped up product over on all the blogs I try note down what I think will benefit me with the product. Usually when I try the product I find that the reviews truly helped, it takes a few minutes, week or so to step back and make a list of items that can suit you. building up a beauty collection that suits you, it makes it fun too.

With my make up whats not changed is the passion and my winged eye liner!!

Let me know your stories on how you think beauty has changed for you?

For this post I was inspiration by the lovely Jenny Purr!

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Products My Boyfriend Steals...

But why not these products are great right?

Boys say they are not fussed about beauty products or so I hear from my boyfriend and male friends. Recently I have noticed that he has been reaching for more and more of my products and asking me if he can use my dry shampoo before heading out to work. He is obsessed with dry shampoo and thinks that it is a miracle product, hes not clued up on any beauty products when he is forced to go into Boots with me. Recently as he knows my blog means a lot to me he has been getting more involved in what I can blog about and asking about the products I have been talking about. 

Lush is another product that I know he loves, he still likes to use the ones such as Honey Bee and not the over pink ones. This one is a recent purchase and he loves it, luckily I bought two of them. I know a few boyfriends who love to use the Lush bath bombs and I don't blame them, I am a huge fan myself.

Have you noticed your shampoo going down faster than you expected? You might want to check with your boyfriend to see if he is loving it too. I think its all about how it smells and why not use them? John Frieda recently sent me a couple hair products and I told my boyfriend how amazing they were and smelt great. This shampoo leaves your hair smelling super fresh and super clean. 

I purchased Toni & Guy sea salt spray last year, it was buy one get one free offer too. I wasnt able to use the first one because my boyfriend loved using it to style his hair. yet another miracle product that he loves, I even had to purchase it again just so that he could use it. I don't blame him for wanting to use sea salt on his hair, it leaves his hair soft and he says gives it more texture which is what we use it for right? Dry shampoo and sea salt spray is two products he admits he loves and I don't mind at all until I go to use it and its empty. He promises to purchase it again for me but I think its because he secretly wants it back on my shelf to use again.

The Hawaiian tropic sun tan lotion he loves the smell, its just like holiday which I totally agree with him. He says it one of the nicest sun protection products ever and he is stubborn when it comes to using sun tan lotion. 

Soap and glory I tend to find a lot of my family steal, if I leave this in the bathroom it gets used on a daily basis. I am a huge fan of Soap and Glory and I think its the amazing smell that draws him to wanting to use it. 

Another product I notice he doesn't mind using is the Simple range, I think he just sees it there and thinks yep that will do the job. Its gentle on the skin too which is why I use it and it has a slight smell to it not over girly. 

There is nothing wrong with boys using these products right? 
What products do your boyfriends steal, I would love to hear from you!

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