Mini Primark/ Matalan Haul.

June 25, 2015

 yesterday i decided to head out to town for a look around and to treat myself to some goodies. It's been a while since I bought new clothes and had a good look around the shops, so I headed straight to one of my favourite shops Primark. They have some great items in there and I knew I wanted to treat myself to a new bag. I love the gold detail on the bag which is what sold it to me, I also like small bags that fit in just what you need for work, going out. This one is a lovely shape, small enough and light enough to fit in some goodies. I really like to front zip pocket which I possibly could put my car keeps in. This bag was a bargain at just £8 and I love it. 
 In Matalan I decided to buy these cute cat socks, no new can resist cute new socks. In Primark I always head over to the pajama section and without fail I always end up with a new pair. When I am home relaxing I like to wear comfy clothes and the fact they had dinsosaurs on them sold it straight away. They are £5, I wasn't too keen on the top that matches the bottoms because of the logo but still cute. 
 This Jurassic World top was £6 and after seeing the film on Monday I decided it was a must, plus I enjoy a geeky t shirt to go with my skinny jeans. The whole outfit looks good together, I may do a outfit post with them all. The jeans I decided on were £10, such a bargain considering I usually buy my one true love jeans from Topshop. I may still buy some on a different pay day because they fit so well but for now I am happy with the fit and style of the Primark jeans. They go really well with all my new shoes, I have been wearing my vans with everything lately so I invested in some boots and flats.  
 The black dolly shoes I got from Primark too, they were only £4 which is such a bargain. I decided to go for black because I feel they go with all my outfits and I like clothes that are easy to wear and style. I got myself some new hair ties for work, and they were only £1.50.
I ended up in Boots on this shopping trip to buy some shampoo, I decided to buy the weightless coconut water shampoo. it was on offer for £6 and I am super excited to try it out. I will do a blog post to review this soon. I also used my £5 off at The Body shop for my birthday and purchased this mud mask that I was kindly given a sample of a few months ago and loved it. 

In Matalan they had a few things in the sale including these boots, they were reduced from £25 to £16 which is a bargain for some decent shoes. I wanted to buy these to go with my black jeans, I was in need of some shoes for going out in. They look perfect casual or dressed up which I like, simple and easy to style. I love the fact they are easy to drive in too, the buckles on the side and the cut outs look great. I really like these boots and I am excited to wear them out with my new jeans, they help me to look a little taller too which is needed. There was so many things I wanted to buy in Primark but I stuck to things I needed and small treats, maybe next pay day! 

What do you think of my mini haul? 

June PawsomeBox Review.

June 24, 2015

Each month I have a few favourite blog posts to type up, this is one of them. I get so excited to receive this box in the post and so do my dogs. This morning we sat on the bed together and opened up the box, they wanted to play with everything and eat all the treats right away. I had to try hide the box so that later in the day I could photograph it. they are now playing with the toys in the lounge, they are very excited about them. The doughnut is Bella's favourite and the ball is Juno's. 
 I love how varied the box is from toys to treats, this month I think is the best box so far. Juniper likes to bath every now and then so the towel will come in handy. The towel would be great to pack in my car for when we go on long muddy, wet walks. My car suffers with paw prints and hair but I would not change that for the world. The best part about the box is that you get to try new products and the treat box gets refilled each month with goodies. I love how the box introduces you to new brands and brands that may suit your dogs diet.
 This is my seven month old Border Collie juniper, she is waiting for me to say she can have the toys. The theme of this box is, It's Time For A Walk which for my dogs and me is the best part of the day, rain or shine. Walking my dogs makes me very happy and the dogs love it too, great time to bond and to keep healthy. 
 This is Isabella who loves the camera and knows if she's good she can have the toys in the box as soon as I have taken the photos. Bella is a four year old Border Collie who loves soft toys, so the toys in this box suit both dogs very well. The products in the box are well worth over £30 each time, it has great variety in it. 
Here both dogs are having a good look inside the box before trying to steal the toys before the photo shoot. I really enjoy opening the boxes with my dogs, such a fun experience because each month the theme is different. I like the idea of the easy tie because you can use it in the car to stop your dog bolting as soon as the door opens. The treats are a good way of testing out products and also filling up the treat tin each month for training. Overall a great box that we have enjoyed and thank you to Pawsomebox for such great service too. 

What do you think of the box?

Instagram Update!

June 21, 2015

Juniper / Spy Dogs / Quotes / Blog Mail / Reading / day out / toys / clean house / 
Gone Girl / Birthday gifts / Byron Burger / Flowers / Zoo / Afternoon tea / Working  hard.

Its been a while since I updated on here with my Instagram images, its lovely to look back on my photographs on there. I am a huge fan of Instagram and update mine at least once a day with photographs of my dogs, blog things and just anything I want to share on there. I add in a few quotes every now and then and show you things I will be blogging about. Over May it was my birthday and I took photos of my beautiful flowers and days out.

I am reading The Girl On The Train at the minute and really enjoying it, I want to do a little review of it when i'm done so keep an eye out for that. I have been spring cleaning my house over May and June to keep it all fresh, a clean house means I can think straight and feel better. I went out for afternoon tea for my birthday which was lovely and I received so many lovely gifts from family and friends. Turning 24 felt weird, I do feel like I should feel like an adult but I don't. I need to do more things like go on holidays and travel to the places I have always wanted to see. I do not want to reach 30 without ticking off at least a few things. I went to the zoo with two of the most important people ever, it was a lovely day. The zoo is the place I feel happiest, which is odd but I just really enjoy it.

Days out with my dogs are the best, I need to print out a few pictures soon to put in photo frames I got for my birthday. I am obsessed with my dogs but they are a huge part of my life and I enjoy them. i want to give them the best life, I think this also stems from having to give away my Rottweiler when I was younger I promised I would never let down another dog. ( even though it was not my choice as a 15 year old moving to England with my family) 

I am obsessed with Byron burger, we decided to drive to Liverpool on my birthday to have a day out and eat there. 

For more head over to my Instagram ( abikempen )

Hope you have a lovely day!
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