My New favourite duo..

I have found two new products that I would replace if they finished. I tend to have only a couple drugstore foundations I stick to and most of the time I love to try out all the new releases. I am a huge Rimmel London fan, I have worn the make up for years now. It was the first brand I totally trusted and they gave me the confidence boost I needed to try more and experiment with make up. So Rimmel have been a huge part of my beauty collection for years and they still are. Yet again I am not let down by their new foundation, I am loving using it. I have had it for just over a week now but I wanted to do a post on it as kind of a first impressions and if anything changes, which I doubt it I will let you know in my monthly favourites. It says medium coverage which kind of nearly made me put it back on the shelf but I really wanted to try it out myself. I am so glad I put this in my basket, I love the coverage and how it feels on my skin. Its moisturising and it feels nice and light. The wear of this foundation says 25 hours, I never wear make up for that long but the amount of time I wear it it stays put. There is no need for any top up during the day, at work it lasts well too.

I love foundations that look smooth on the skin, this does this for me it has a poreless effect. I have worn this foundation everyday since purchasing it, every time I apply my make up it feels great. Its a lovely one to work with, easy to blend and it looks very natural which I love. I hope the image does it justice because it is a lovely foundation, feeling a little under the weather today so taking a photograph of myself was difficult to show off this amazing foundation. 

I really enjoy using Max Factor Face Finity primer underneath this foundation. I don't think it needs one but I enjoy using one. It helps to smooth out the look of my skin, it helps the foundation to stay on longer and it feels great. I really enjoy this primer and its on offer at the moment for buy one get the second half price and Boots. Its also on offer at Superdrug, I have the foundation to match this primer too. I think its a great addition to my primer collection, I love the packaging as it looks smart. I love how it has a pump so you can control how much you use, its easy to carry around in your make up bag too. Both have an SPF of 20 which is great for Spring/ summer. I know that the foundation looks great without a primer too, I tried it with and without. It still gives you this smooth,light, poreless look. 

I have enjoyed using this as a duo, have you tried any of these yet?

Yes to tomatoes: Combination Skin, Clearing face mask.

yes to Facial mask £7.99

This is a product range new to me, I know it has been recently introduced to Boots too. A couple months ago I wanted to pick up some of this range to try but never got round to doing it due to having so many face masks in my draws. I have recently used up most of my face masks and I noticed lately my skin has been playing up, very spotty. I chose to pick this product up a couple weeks ago due to my skin needing a real boost. 

Firstly what caught my eye about this brand, the packaging is nice and bright. Is it just me or is the name a positive one? I love to try out new skin care products, I have only ever found a handful of face masks that I really enjoy using and I must admit this one is creeping its way into my top five..

This is a deep pore treatment, it refines and purifies your skin leaving it feeling moisturised. I find when you apply this to your skin its almost as though you are adding a really thick cream to your face, yet for a mask it goes on thin. I hope that was explained the right way for you, when it dries you can relax for 10 minutes whilst it does its job. Straight away you feel like it has done wonders to your skin, its soft and it feels cared for. I was hoping this product would have a tomato scent, it has a beautiful fragrance but its a soft one. There is so many products available in the Yes to range, for other types of skin. I love that it has a choice so it caters for more than one skin type. I have recommended my mom to go have a look as she wanted something for uneven skin and I noticed yes to had a product for this. 

The tomato ingredient is a natural antioxidant and the aloe vera soothes the skin as it works. I really enjoyed using this face mask, it has helped clear my skin up which is the main reason I purchased this. I am no expert on skin care but I usually buy products for dry skin yet this has worked well. I found that because my skin has been playing up lately this has helped to clear it up and some of the redness has calmed down. I'm wanting my skin clear to apply make up well for the Cosmopolitan awards which is in two weeks time. I am super excited and cannot wait to get all dressed up and enjoy the night. 

I highly recommend trying this product, I am on a mission to try out more of this brand. If you have tried any of the yes to products please let me know what you love?

Sunday Topshop Wish list!

I have been loving Topshop for a while now but this year I have wanted so much more. I am on the look out for an outfit to wear for the Cosmo blog awards and I find myself browsing everything else on offer. I thought I would put an outfit wish list for you, I am on a tight budget so actually purchasing all of this needs to wait till after I get my first house sorted, we are in the middle of applying to rent. 

I am wanting to try crop tops with midi length skirts, I think it would suit my body shape well. When I go into Topshop next week I may have to try some of this on. I love the pretty grey spotty skirt, I would love to wear this with this cute black crop top. I have been after a floppy hat for ages, maybe soon I will take the plunge and purchase one. If I was to take this look to an event, I would add these cute black  heel sandals. I think they are perfect to add some height without going over the top. These shoes would take a cute day outfit and transform it to a night look. I would add some red lipstick and this faux fur roll clutch to the outfit to carry around my camera, phone and other essentials. To add some jewelry to this outfit, I would go subtle with some cute dainty pieces. 

I am super tempted to purchase this cute outfit, you could wear the top and skirt during the day or night with the right pieces. I think I will try this on if I see it in Topshop next week, I will keep you updated about this over on my Twitter.

Would you wear this?