Jo Malone - Grapefruit Bath Oil

February 24, 2015

Jo Malone Bath oil Grapefruit £40*

Jo Malone is a brand I have wanted to try for so long now, a big thank you to House Of Frazer for sending me this. Its a brand I smell and when I go into Selfridges but one I could not pick up for a present or for myself but its taken one product for me to know that its the perfect indulgent product that is worth it. I had the most incredible bath using this bath oil, all you need is a small pump into the bath and leave it to run to create the perfect hot bath.

Grapefruit is one of my favourite scents so being able to try Jo Malone in this scent is perfect. The first thing you notice is the beautiful well know packaging, nothing beats getting a product that is packaged nicely. I think as a gift or splurge this is great because even the packaging is something special. This product is suitable for all skin types and leaves you feeling great and pampered after your bath.

I love that you get a pump with the bath oil because for me it looks great on the side of the bath and it helps me to use small amounts at a time. If it didn't have the pump I would end up pouring it all into my bath. This is a special product, one that I would use for a relaxing pamper bath rather than an everyday product. I would buy this as a gift for my friends for a special birthday or even for my mom on Mothers Day. Everything about it is special, from the packaging to the product. Next on my list now that I know how great the products are, is a candle for my home. 

What do you think of Jo Malone?

Head over to the House Of Frazer website for some Mothers Day ideas!

Juniper- My Border Collie puppy 17 weeks!

February 23, 2015

 Juniper our border collie puppy has grown so much since my last blog post, she has doubled her weight in just two weeks. She has now been to the vet twice and has had her second lot of injections. We are so excited for her to join us on walks and walks with our friends dogs too. The red collar she has on is her first collar, we are training her to walk on the lead at the moment. Bella is so good on the lead we wanted to start as soon as possible.
 Her nose has grown which has changed the shape of her face and she has huge paws, we think she may be a big collie. Her fur is so soft and is growing by the day, so gorgeous. We are well and truly smitten with her and we could not see ourselves without her. I have just started a new job and I am excited to spoil her. She has started to run for toys and half way bring them back which is cute, she watches what Bella does. 
 Her ears have started to point up, well one of them is still half way. I love watching them play and bond, its the most adorable thing in the world. coming home to them after a long day is the best, she has completed our family. Nothing makes me more happy then my little family, I am so excited to train her and bring her along to dog shows for fun. Me and Bella have won 2 rosettes for fun competitions so I want to join Juno in this. 

I love everything about our new baby, she has completed our family. she has the best personality, she is so friendly and enjoys playing with other dogs. She is the boss when she sees my moms dogs, even though they are so much bigger than her. I love her markings they are so special, I just know when shes older shes going to be extra pretty. Look at those paws, they are huge. Bella loves her sister and I know they are going to be life long best friends. At night they share a bed and cuddle each other to sleep, it makes my heart melt. If you would like to see more of my dogs let me know, I love to document life on here too.

Beauty review up tomorrow!

Yves Rocher Review & Giveaway!

February 18, 2015

Yves Rocher £18*

Yves Rocher is a botanically focused company using home grown ingredients, this is a very important to them. the company was founded in 1959 with the mantra of making beauty through plants accessible to all woman. The company has its own botanical garden in La Gacilly where they grow 1100 species of plants used in the products. I think this is a great feature of the brand, it really drew me in. 

This is a modern and unique fragrance that I think would appeal to most women. The bottle itself is simple yet so gorgeous and the scent seems to fit right in the middle, its a scent I think would be great for so many ladies. Quelques Notes D'amour has Rose damascena and guaiac wood essence, giving it a beautiful light yet catchy scent. The rose is a beautiful soft scent but the guaiac wood makes it a little stronger. I'm not a fan of rose scented products but this is a whole new story, it smells so beautiful. Its elegant and looks great with all my perfumes on my dressing table. This would make a great gift for mothers day or even for yourself. It has a great age range to it, I think thats what makes it so special. So many women could enjoy this no matter what scent they prefer. 

Would you like to win a bottle for yourself?

Please fill in the rafflecopter below to be in for the chance to win a bottle. Thank you and good luck. You can read more about this product over on the Yves Rocher website here. 

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